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The MDG Technology for TRAK plugin for Enterprise Architect provides:-

TRAK Views

Clicking on the New Diagram Button in the Project Browser Brings up a Dialog

Clicking on the 'New Diagram' button in the Project Browser within Enterprise Architect will provide a list of TRAK views:

New Diagram Dialog Lists TRAK Views

MDG Technology for TRAK Provides TRAK Architectural Views for New Diagram Wizard

Custom Toolbox Palettes

For each TRAK view there is an associated toolbox palette that contains the types of object from the TRAK metamodel that are allowed to be used when creating the view. The MDG for TRAK ensures that the correct toolbox palette is automatically presented for the view being worked on.

The SV-01 toolbox palette supports the Solution Structure that shows the structural parts and relationships for the system of interest. The lower part shows those elements that are used to model organisational structures whilst the TRAK Common palette provides elements that can be added to any TRAK view such as Requirements, Architectural Concerns, Standards and supporting Documents.

Toolbox Palette for the TRAK SV-01 Solution Structure View.

Toolbox Palette for SV-01 Solution Structure View

The SV-13 Solution Risk view allows Vulnerabilities, Threats / Hazards to be described together with the Risks and Mitigations (linked to the elements of the system design of both the subject and the origin of the Threat / Hazard). The toolbox palette elements are:

Toolbox palette for the TRAK SV-13 Solution Risk View

Toolbox Palette for SV-13 Solution Risk View

The toolbox palette for the MV-03 Standards view not only allows views to be made of the standards applying to an enterprise, concept, system, project or the architecture description task itself but also provides relationships showing how standards depend on other standards to show how they are applied, superseded, enacted etc.

Where there is a folders iconthis indicates that the object should be dragged from the catalogue onto the view rather than created on this view. Each stereotype in the TRAK metamodel has a view that is the master source for that type i.e. the object must exist on the master view before being used on others. The MV-03 is the master source for Requirement, Standard and Contract and hence can be created from the toolbox palette below.

Toobox Palette for TRAK MV-03 Requirements and Standards View

Toolbox Palette for MV-03 Requirements and Standards View



Context-Sensitive Linking of Objects

Enterprise Architect provides a quick way of making relationships known as Quicklink or Quick Linker.

Where it makes sense to do so this has been customised to offer a valid relationship from the TRAK metamodel according to the types of object being joined. The MDG for TRAK not only offers the correct relationship between a pair of elements but will offer to create a new element of the correct type if you drag the Quicklink arrow to a blank part of the diagram canvas.

Context-sensitive Suggestion of Relationships

Enterprise Architect Quicklinker - Customised to Offer Valid TRAK Relationships Depending on Object Types Being Joined

Template Model Structure

New Model button in Enterprise Architect

Using the 'New Model' wizard MDG Technology for TRAK provides a template model package (folder) structure populated with a typical set of TRAK views. See the introduction to the Template.


Modification Date: March 3, 2018