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What is It?

MDG Technology for TRAK is a plugin for Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect UML modelling tool that supports TRAK - a pragmatic enterprise architecture framework. The important ideas behind TRAK are provided in the defining documents and repeated on the trak-community site.

In brief it provides:-

More detail is provided under 'Features'.

Where Does this Fit In?

The MDG for TRAK is an implementation of TRAK (for the Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect UML modelling tool).

TRAK is defined logically (free of implementation or solution) by 3 documents:

This structure is described by a TRAK MV-03 Requirements and Standards View, titled 'TRAK Specifications', which is part of the template provided by this project.

Implementations of TRAK

TRAK can be implemented in a wide range of modelling tools and architecture description languages (a term taken from ISO 42010) such as UML, BPMN etc can be used to represent parts of the TRAK metamodel and therefore can be used in creating TRAK architecture views.

The known implementations of TRAK are listed separately.

What is a 'MDG Technology'?

'MDG' stands for Model-Driven Generation and it provides a method for Enterprise Architect to bundle together everything it needs to extend the basic functionality of the tool. Placing the XML file in a location that Enterprise Architect looks in on start-up provides added functionality.

In providing a MDG Technology file we extend the basic behaviour of Enterprise Architect to add palettes, views and object types needed for modelling (describing the world - at the heart of Model-Based Systems Engineering - MBSE) using the palette of tuples (e.g. 'Standard. Statute governs Organisation. Cabinet' ) provided by TRAK.

Where Do I Get It?

The MDG Technology for TRAK plugin is available here ...

What Files Are Needed?

MDG Technology for TRAK consists of 2 component files:-

Telling Enterprise Architect Where to Find the MDG Technology for TRAK Plugin

Enterprise Architect Provides a Flexible Method for Extending Functionality Through MDG Technology Plugins

Telling Enterprise Architect Where to Find the MDG for TRAK Plugin

Both files need to sit in the same directory and Enterprise Architect has to be told to look for the directory containing these files (Settings | MDG Technologies | Advanced) and then it has to be enabled.

Platforms Supported

The native platform for Enterprise Architect is Windows. Enterprise Architect will, however, run on a Mac using Crossover, Parallels or VMware Fusion and similarly on Unix.

The plugin is not an executable file - it is an XML file - a text file that describes / maps the bits of TRAK in terms of UML elements so that the Sparx EA UML modelling tool know how to implement them.


The files can be downloaded from the Project Summary Page on SourceForge.

Modification Date: March 3, 2018